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Astrologer in Indore - Bhoomika Kalam

Astrobhoomi is a leading Astrology platform in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Where you can get help from Experience astrologers.

AstroBhoomi provides the very simple and time-tested remedies which would change your life forever and will give respite to you from all your sufferings.

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A horoscope is an astrological chart with a calculation based on birth data, including the date, time and place of birth. The astrologer will follow a strict method to locate the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets to define the meaning. From the professional astrologer, you can explore some of life’s deepest questions. There are 12 different zodiac signs in astrology. All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and characteristics that define one's personality.


Check horoscope of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces with AstroBhoomi

Detailed Astrology and Tarot Card Readings

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Through all these zodiac signs, AstroBhoomi will let you know about future difficulties. How to solve your problem will be told. Will inform you about what things are beneficial for you.


Unpack information about your zodiac sign, planets, elements, and modalities, and gain insight daily with AstroBhoomi. AstroBhoomi is meant to guide your future. What is happening in your personal class? You see a clear path to love, money, career, goals and a normal career.


The obstacles of your life are brought before you which are troubling you. Eliminates the troubles of your distraught and confused mind. After removing all the difficulties of your life, take your future at a new height with AstroBhoomi. Every obstacle related to love and business that comes in your life will be removed here.


AstroBhoomi will give you a solution to every problem related to your health and wealth.

Through zodiac signs Astrobhoomi will also tell you what good is going to come your way and how things might change in near future.

All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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Accurate and Complete Quality Reading - Here are some satisfied people !


Vipin Bindal

No words !! @astrobhoomi has really helped me out in many ways, and with the guidance, i am able to face many tough situations...please be in touch...Thanks once again !!


Amrita Mehta

Bhoomika is amazing. She helped me alot in my career through Tarrot Card Reading. Thannk you Bhoomika for guiding me and Suggesting everything :)


Deepak Budana

Astro Bhoomi is best in Tarrot Reading. i am so much confused and facing loses in my business. but after meeting Astro Bhoomi, i got a complete solution and way. thanks

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