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Astro Remedies: These easy and small astro remedies will bring magical changes in life

Are you in debt? Is everything is going against you? Are you suffering from problems that just won’t go away? In life this is a common occurrence. We all suffer from problems and troubles everyday of our life. But when such time comes in life where even after doing a lot of hard work your efforts don’t show a result, you get negativity from every aspect of your life, when not your work but your home life also gets disturbed then you need to change certain things in life. Because this can affect your life greatly. Let’s learn about some easy but effective remedies to bring healthy changes in life.

If you are in debt and even after doing lots of effort you are unable to get rid of them then you should do Ranmochak Mangal Stotra (ऋणमोचकमंगलस्तोत्र) path every Tuesday. And along with that you should start your installment of loan from Tuesday of Shukla Paksh and repay it on Tuesday of every month.

  • If your child is struggling to focus on studies and showing a poor progress in academics then for increasing his focus, on the first Thursday of any Shukla Paksh do this remedy. On Bhrahspati Var, ask your child to put five sweets, green elaichi’s pair under the Peepal tree. Repeat this remedy for three Thursday continuously to see positive results.

  • For removing financial problems Peepal related remedies are beneficial to a great extent. For this purpose, on the first Saturday of Shukla Paksh start worshipping Lord Peepal. On every Saturday, after taking bath offer milk, gudh, or sweet water to Peepal’s roots. Along with that light a sarsodeepak and a Dhoop and pray to it while touching its roots for three times. This remedy is believed to make Ma Laksmi also which results in Ma Laksmi blessings.

  • If quarrels happen in your home often and there is always a negative atmosphere at home then, once in a week wipe the floor with salt water. And along with that keep sea salt in a glass bowl in the bathroom.

  • It is said that an auspicious beginning of day makes the whole day successful. That’s why you should see your hands first after opening your eyes in the morning. And chant this mantra: KaragreVasate Lakshmi Karamadhye Saraswati Karamoole Tu GovindamPrabhate Karadarshanam. Along with that bring something with you while returning home from work place. You should not come back to home empty handed.

  • On every month’s Amavasya clean your home and remove spider webs. After cleaning, in the evening light Dhoop and spread it around every corner of your home and after that place it in your Devasthal or place it on any sacred place.


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