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What are the astrological causes of depression, What are the remedies to overcome it

  • Everyone experiences sadness from time to time for a limited period of time. But when symptoms like constant negative thinking, stress, worry, nervousness and restlessness start appearing for a long time, then it can be depression.

  • According to astrology, by looking at the horoscope or palm of any person, it can be easily known whether he is a victim of depression or not.

According to astrology, Moon and Mercury play the biggest role in depression.

Moon is the significator of the mind as well as a very gentle and delicate planet and The moon is closest to our earth out of all the planets And Mercury is the factor of house intellect and intelligence controls the mind, that is why Mercury has a big role in reducing or reducing depression. The first house of the horoscope represents the mind and mind of the individual. On the other hand, the Moon Mount on the palm represents the mind.

Let us know which are the planetary positions in the horoscope, which make a person a victim of depression.

  • In the horoscope, if the Ascendant is situated in inauspicious houses or is in a debilitated sign.

  • In the horoscope, if the Moon is in an inauspicious house or is in a debilitated sign.

  • In the horoscope, there should be the effect of Rahu or Saturn on Lagna, Lagna or Moon.

  • In the horoscope, there is a conjunction of Saturn, Moon or it is sitting in the house of sinful planets.

  • In the horoscope, if the Moon is in the closest house to the Sun.

Symptoms of depression in palmistry

  • Inauspicious signs like island, cross should be located on the head line.

  • If the head line is seen to be torn in many places.

  • The head line is afflicted and goes up to the mount of Moon.

  • There are many lines intersecting the head line from under the mount of Shani.

All these planetary positions directly affect the mental health of a person. People with such planetary positions become a victim of depression even when they face minor problems in their lives. Exercise to overcome depression, share your problems openly with your loved ones, consult a learned astrologer for remedies for afflicted Moon and weak Ascendant in the horoscope and make yourself positive and encouraged.


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