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If there is a delay in marriage, then this may be the reason, know what is the remedies

The delay in the marriage of the marriageable natives, or due to some reason not getting married, is the biggest concern of the parents. The reality is that if she is a daughter, then the parents are worried about her a lot. Many problems have to be faced regarding the marriage of the daughter. Sometimes the boy does not like for a suitable groom and sometimes the horoscope of both of them is not matched. Due to this the marriage gets delayed. Apart from this, many reasons have been given in astrology for delay in marriage. Let us know what is the reason for delay in marriage and what are the astrological remedies for its prevention.

karak planets for marriage in kundli

Every planet has a role in astrology. The presence of Jupiter is very important for marriage. According to astrological calculations, when Jupiter puts vision in the fifth house, then a strong yoga is formed for marriage. If Jupiter sits in the eleventh house with the fifth lord in the horoscope of a person for a year, then the chances of getting married within a year are high. Apart from this, the yoga of Venus, Moon and Mercury is also effective in marriage with the planet Jupiter.

Obstacle yoga for marriage in horoscope

If in the horoscope of a person, due to the vision of the Guru falling in the fifth house, the yoga is forming for marriage, but at the same time Rahu comes and sits in the eleventh house, then this yoga is considered inauspicious for marriage. Many problems have to be faced in getting married. Apart from this, if inauspicious planets come and sit at the fifth place of Jupiter, it becomes a hindrance in marriage. These inauspicious planets are Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

In astrology, there may be reasons for the delay in the marriage of a girl, in which such troubles have to be faced due to the weakening of Jupiter in the girl's horoscope. In astrology, some remedies have been given to make Jupiter strong.

  • If there are repeated obstacles in the marriage of a girl, then on Monday, offer raw milk to Shivling.

  • Feeding green fodder to the cow on Thursday reduces the planetary defects related to Jupiter in the horoscope.

  • Keep a fast on Thursday and worship the banana plant.

  • By worshiping Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, the marriage ceremony is completed quickly.

  • On Thursday, yellow food items should be donated to the poor and wear yellow clothes.


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