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If you are troubled by frequent diseases, then definitely try these easy remedies of astrology.

It is said in the scriptures that the first happiness is a healthy body. That is, if your body is healthy then it is your biggest asset. But it becomes difficult to take care of the body due to changes in diet and busy life. Due to this many diseases grip the body.

Sometimes it happens that diseases one after the other make us hollow from inside. With proper care and treatment, we may never recover completely. Inauspicious effects of planets can also be the reason for this. By taking some easy remedies in astrology, your problem can be overcome to some extent. Know more about these remedies…

1. You are very ill or there is someone in your family who is not getting well even after getting many treatments. If medicines are not affecting it, then knead a little flour for this and make a peda (loaf) out of it. Fill a pot with water. Now take the ball and water filled lotus and take it off the patient three times. Offer water to a tree like Peepal etc. and feed the flour to the cow. This remedy should be done for three days.

2. If someone is sick in your house for a long time and is not able to get well, then he should sleep with his head towards South. Along with this, keep the patient's medicines and water etc. in the same direction. Whenever you give medicine to the patient, keep in mind that his face should be towards the east. Due to this, the patient starts recovering slowly in some time.

3. If someone in your house is very ill, then you should donate fruits and medicines to the needy at some time by going to a hospital etc. Due to this you not only experience mental peace, but it is also believed that due to this, the person's diseases start curing and he gets healthy soon.


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