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How to attract money do these astrological remedies by Bhoomika Kalam

While money self has nothing to offer us but we can exchange it to get decide experience or comfort. hence a good financial status is important not to show of to the society but for your own comfort guys remember spending money to show of will always you know it can only make you more poor it is very important to have a healthy relationship with the money. Therefore spend and save wisely here are some simple astrological tips to attract money in your life these tricks are -

1. Offer prayers to goddess Lakshmi every Friday

2. Use cardamom all elaichi s much as you can on Friday

3. Have ilayachi chai aur eat ilayachi.

4. Meditate using Kuber mudra and Saint " Om Shri Om Hari shrin harim Kleem shreem kleem Vittshwarya namah.

5. feeding fresh crash to cow once awake is useful.

Pray lord Hanuman and lord Shani every Tuesday at least 21 days. These are universal remedies but if in dire need of help. One needs personalized remedies in our birth chart good placement of planets such as when is Jupiter moon and mercury determine are financial health as well as the position and after studying them one can come up with suitable situations. May God bless you with abundance always.


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