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Lal Kitab Upay: If you are failing again and again, then do these remedies,

It is often seen that a person works very hard but still many times he does not get the result which he should get. People get frustrated when faced with constant failures. They feel like their hard work is failing. If you want to get rid of these failures and want to be successful, then try these remedies given in Lal Kitab. Remedies have been given in Lal Kitab to overcome the problems of human life. These remedies are also considered based on astrology. In this, remedies have been given to avoid many types of problems related to planetary obstruction, enemy obstacle, job, business, personal life etc. The remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab are considered very effective. It is believed that if these remedies of Lal Kitab are done with the rules and full faith, then they will surely be fruitful and along with getting rid of problems, happiness and prosperity can be brought in life. Lal Kitab These remedies are very easy which can be done by anyone. Let's know the way to get success -

Worship Panchmukhi Hanuman ji

You are working very hard in the field but someone else takes the credit for your share of success. In this case you get disappointed. According to the remedy of Lal Kitab, if you want to get success in the field, then worship Panchmukhi Hanuman. During the puja, wrap a coconut in Molly and offer rice, vermilion and flowers etc. With this remedy your chances of success will be made.

Chanting of Ganesh Mantra

If you are passionate about any work and there is any obstacle in its completion, then for this you should worship Lord Ganesha before starting your work. You should chant Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah Mantra. If you have to go out for very important work, then first take four steps back and then go ahead and start your work. By doing this you will definitely get success in work.

Do these remedies to protect yourself from negative energies

This remedy will also save you from eye defects. For this take a black colored cotton thread. Now tie as many knots as you are in that thread. Now apply basil and banana extracts on these knots, then apply yellow vermilion on it. After doing this work, keep this thread in the temple. After this tie this thread on your right shoulder and keep it tied for 21 days. By doing this the negative energy will end and the way to your success will open.

feed a black dog

If you do any work and fail in it, then serve the black dog and feed him. Apart from this, apologize to your fathers. The needy should be helped according to the capacity. It is believed that with this your luck starts favoring and problems end.


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