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astrological remedies to get rid of property disputes

Every person wants to have his own house or there is definitely some land property for a secure future. For this, he works hard day and night, but due to one reason or the other, a person gets entangled in land property disputes, due to which it takes time to fulfill the dream. When these problems start increasing, then the person gets tired, which affects both physical and mental condition. In such a situation, some remedies have been given in astrology, by which one can get rid of land-property disputes. This remedy not only solves the land property disputes but also paves the way for not having any problem in future. Let us know about these measures.

feed jaggery to cow

According to astrology, if land property disputes have bothered you, then go to the cowshed on Sunday and feed jaggery to the red cow. Keep in mind that do not throw the jaggery in front of the cow, but feed it with your hands. After this, bow down to the cow and by touching its feet, inform about your problem, keep doing this remedy continuously. Suddenly you will see that you will get rid of land property disputes.

Remedy of food donation in land dispute

Have your own house and feed the poor and needy people on Friday to get rid of land related disputes. Also, send them well with charity and dakshina. By doing this, gradually you will get rid of land-related disputes and this dream of having your own house will also be fulfilled. By doing this remedy one also gets freedom from the defects of planet Venus.

Worship the Kshetrapal deity

Worshiping the Kshetrapal is said to be beneficial for getting rid of disputes related to land and property. Kshetrapal is also called Khetarpal and he is worshiped for guarding the land and the land. The area in which you live has a different Kshetrapal, worshiping him everyday gives freedom from land-property disputes, he is considered to be the god of justice in the matter of real estate.


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