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Astrology: do these easy remedies to get rid of defects of planets

Planets are related to the things happening in our life. Due to the good position of the planets, where a good situations is created in our life, and then due to weak planets in the same horoscope, you have to face problems also. Therefore it is essential to have strong planets in the horoscope. Each planet gives different results. So many remedies have been given in astrology to get rid from weak planets. But we can also get rid of the problems caused by planets by making some small changes in our daily routine and nature. I'm going to tell you today the remedies related to all the planets from Mars to Saturn, by which you can get rid of problems by - Bhoomika kalam

Sun is considered as a factor of respect because of weak position of Sun in the horoscope you may have to face humiliation. There may be unhappiness in the relationship with father and guru. If the position of Sun is weak then you should drink water in a copper vessel. One should be contact to the rays of the sun regularly for some time and Food should be taken before the sun sets. A red chili should be used in food.

Moon is considered to be the significator of mind and water. To strengthen the moon, give up cold things in the food at night. Must eat something made by your mother's hand. Include salads and juicy fruits in the diet. Do not eat stale food.

Mars is considered a fiery planet. To make Mars strong in the horoscope, do not use salt in food for one day in a week. Eat jaggery and porridge, if possible, sleep on the ground.

Mercury is considered the factor of eloquence. Use green vegetables in food to strengthen the planet Mercury in the horoscope. Make a habit of listening to music. Stay clean. Minimize the use of cosmetics. Apply perfume.

Jupiter is called the planet Jupiter. To make the Guru strong in the horoscope, keep the hair cut. Eat yellow food in food or use turmeric. Give importance to sattvik food. Apply tilak on the forehead and wear a yellow gold or brass ring in the hand.

Venus is considered the factor of material pleasures. Use white color to make Venus strong. Always wear clean and nice colored clothes. Use scented perfume in the morning after bath. Include curd in lunch. Keep your beard, mustache and hair well groomed.

Saturn is considered the planet of justice. So change your nature, do not insult anyone. Do good work Use mustard oil in food. Massage with mustard oil. Wear purse, belt etc. of black colour.

Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets in astrology. To avoid their effects, take special care of cleanliness. Take bath everyday, wear clean clothes. Must visit a religious place once a week. Apply sandalwood tilak.


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