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If you also have bad dreams then do these 10 remedies

Everyone likes to dream and everyone dreams too. Today in this article we will tell you some things related to dreams. It is said that the dreams that you see a few hours before the sunrise, they are directly related to the events happening in your life and with your future. This statement is also mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata in the Puranic period. So let's know what measures should be taken in case of bad dreams.

  • If you have had a bad dream which is bothering you or you have had a scary dream, then you should go to the Tulsi plant kept in your house and tell your troubled Lord Vishnu, this will remove your fear and troubles will go.

  • When you open your eyes after dreaming, bow at the feet of your Ishta Devta. Pray to him to protect and guide. According to your religious belief, go to the religious place- temple, gurudwara or church or mosque etc., bow to God and make some offerings. After this offering, donate it to a temple or to a beggar.

  • Flowing some things in water during the day after having a bad dream is also beneficial. These things should flow keeping in mind the day or day.

  • If you have dreamed on Monday night, then donate white things on the next day i.e. Tuesday. For example, donate rice, sugar, coconut to any temple or any needy. Visit Lord Shiva's temple and offer white flowers to him.

  • If you have a bad dream on Tuesday night, donate moong dal or moong without peel the next day. Offer coconut and red flowers in Hanuman temple. You can also recite Hanuman Chalisa by visiting Hanuman temple and offering Bundi to Bajrangbali.

  • If you have a bad dream on Wednesday night, donate whole moong, green vegetables to the needy. If you want, you can offer any jewelery made of silver in any temple. Worship Lord Ganapati and offer coconut to him.

  • Donate turmeric and gram dal with yellow cloth to avoid the effects of bad dreams seen on Thursday night. You can offer yellow flowers and yellow sweets to the deity of Devguru Brihaspati in the Navagraha temple.

  • If you have bad dream on Friday night then you should donate white things. You can donate sugar candy, rice, sweet batter, white sweets. Worshiping any form of Mother Goddess, offer coconut to her, it will be beneficial for you.

  • If you have had a bad dream on Saturday night, then you should donate things related to Shani Dev. For example, you can donate items made of iron, shoes, blankets or black clothes. Offer mustard oil and urad dal in Shani temple.

  • Similarly, if you have had a bad dream on Sunday night, then you can donate wheat porridge, jaggery, any of the red clothes. Go to the temple and offer red flowers and coconut to the Lord.


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