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Best remedies for evil eye : Do this remedy if someone has black eyes

Many times, even without wanting, sometimes oneself or loved ones get the evil eye of someone and after that the endless series of troubles starts. Do these great measures to avoid and remove black eyes

Sometimes in life things get put off by the wayside. Suddenly, there is a rapid loss in business. Even without wanting, obstacles start coming in the work and in spite of all the efforts, one has to face failure. If something similar is happening with you too, then you should definitely think about Nazar Dosh once. Yes, sometimes your happiness gets noticed by the other person and you do not even know it.

What is Nazar Dosh

Due to the defect of eyesight, all kinds of problems start suddenly in people's life. It is believed that when someone has an evil eye, his positive energy starts turning into negative energy.

Remove the defect on the child's milk with this remedy

If you feel that your baby has suddenly stopped drinking milk and despite millions of efforts, he is not drinking milk, then you can take these measures to get his eyesight. After pouring the milk on the head of the child three times, without informing anyone and without any interruption, give it to a dog.

when you look at the food

When you feel that someone has put an eye on your food and drink or your child has suddenly stopped eating and drinking, then to remove the defect, take out some food from the food on a leaf and put a little on it. Put gulal and keep it at a crossroads.

Keep an eye on business like this

When you feel that suddenly there is a loss in your business and someone has caught sight of it, then to remove it, you should install a red color idol of Shri Hanuman ji at the business place and offer red color flowers to him daily. Make a swastika at the gate of the workplace by mixing yellow vermilion in cow's ghee on both sides. By the grace of Bajrangi, the eyesight in the business will continue to go away.

When do you know who is watching

When you know that your child has been noticed by someone you know, then you should take measures to get rid of them with the help of him. Only the head of the child should be turned with the hands of the person whose eyes are visible, but keep in mind that the right hand of the man and the left hand of the woman should be turned.

Evil Eye Remedies

The name of Bajrangbali is often taken to avert any kind of violence. You can also get rid of eye defects by taking the surefire remedy of Hanuman ji to remove the eyes. For this, you should go to any Hanuman temple and make a tilak of the person looking at the vermilion on Bajrangbali's shoulder. This is a very effective remedy to remove the defect of eyesight.


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