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Bhoomika Kalam, India's best Astro Analyst

It's Interesting and exciting to hear about the word Astrology. We are always curious to know about our future, the good and the bad surrounded around us. There is a science behind each of this and not anyone can gain mastery in this field. The person has to be different who actually is passionate through his mind and soul. There is a name that we hear when it comes to Astro Analysis, Tarot Reading, Palmistry. She has been a reason behind a lot of people's success, happiness. A lot of them around the world are happy and smiling and she is the reason.

Bhoomika Kalam, the lady who aims at removing sorrow and sadness from others life. She is one of the best Astrologer, renowned Tarot reader from India, She practices Palmistry, Kundli Analysis, Vedic rituals, Horoscope Analysis and much more. Thousands of beneficiaries reviewed about remedies and practical solution given by Bhoomika on different platforms.   


Astro Bhoomika is an initiative which was started by astrologer Bhoomika Kalam who is

based out in Indore. Her early age interests towards Astro Science, meditation has made her

who she is now. She is a graduate in Science and Journalism. She was also serving for some famous newspapers. AstroBhoomi was started with a focus on approaching common people, helping them to understand and thereby spread the beautiful significance of Vedas, tantras, mantras, need of Astrology and much more through regular seminars which are conducted at different places. One of the seminars which aim at providing knowledge about all style of astrology is Art of Bhvishyam. Such seminars are also youth-centric as there are a lot of youth who are interested to learn about the ancient gem which is Astrology. The big social aspect of AstroBhoomi is spreading awareness in youth about social evils by the logic of science and intense research of astrology.


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