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Bhoomika Kalam: India's Best Astro Analyst

Bhoomika Kalam is a renowned keynote speaker who has delivered hundreds of speeches. She is an astrologer, a tarot card reader and a motivational speaker, which makes her a great combination to speak before any sort of audience. She has done corporate events to educational and motivational seminars. Her trailblazing messages focus on how to overcome one’s sorrows and miseries. Being an astrologer of Vedic science, she is capable to tell us the remedies to overcome our adversities and the tarot cards are an ancient way to know one’s questions, in which she has gained mastery in thousands of predictions. She also practices Palmistry, Kundli Analysis, Vedic rituals, Horoscope Analysis and much more.

Bhoomika's widely popular corporate and educational keynotes are research based and customised for the audience before her.

Indore based Astrologer has recently taken a new platform named “Astro Bhoomi". Her columns of online astrology and regular predictions regularly appear in daily newspapers and tabloids. She is also a well-known face of astrology and tarot card reading on television, where she does regular shows.

Her youthful and employee-oriented Seminars are widely appreciated where she aims to provide inner healing for each audience with all the methods of astrology with the combination of humour, interaction, inspiration and real talk. Youth centric versions of the seminars are greatly celebrated where she talks about the social evils and how we can choose the right way in our life. Bhoomika's programs’ live attendees are motivated, empowered and equipped with the tools to take positive actions to measurably improve results in their work.

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**Astro Bhoomi speaking topics**

_ Every human being is special.

_ Believing in yourself can change your luck.

_ Astrology can play a vital role in how to overcome your miseries.


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