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Big trouble can come on these 4 zodiac signs in the month of November, know astrological remedies.

The month of November is showing signs of troubles in the life of some zodiac signs, but with easy astrological remedies, you can find a solution to the problem.

Astro remedies for november month

Everyone wants to have accurate information about their upcoming time and wants to make plans ahead. It is not necessary that your future is always good, but you may also have to face some problems.

It is believed that when one has an estimate of whether there are chances of monetary gains for him in the future or not, there will be no problems in the job in future? Are there any chances of estrangement with partner?

If many such problems are anticipated in advance, then solutions can also be found to fix them in the future. Astrology can give you information about the problems in your life and can also help you find ways to overcome problems.

If you also want to know that the month of November is full of problems for which zodiac signs and what astrological remedies you can try to avoid it, then here you can get detailed information from astrologer and Vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya.


aries zodiac astro remedies

Aries sign people may have to face some problems regarding their job in the month of November. Relations with your superiors may deteriorate this month. You may also have to face some health-related problems. Take care of food and drink and try to keep strong relations with seniors.

astrological remedies

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, so if you offer vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday, then you will get the solution of all the problems. Offer prasad of jaggery and gram to Hanuman ji on Saturday.

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taurus zodiac astro remedies for november

Taurus may have to face financial loss in the month of November. There will be chances of your money being spent in vain. Avoid transacting money at a big place.

astrological remedies

If you want to maintain your financial condition, then apply saffron and sandalwood tilak on your head. For the fulfillment of wishes, write your wishes in a peepal leaf with turmeric and immerse it in the river. With this remedy, any major problem in your life will be removed.


Virgo sign people may have to face health-related problems in the month of November. You may have some problem which can affect your future life as well.

astrological remedies

The ruling planet of the people of Virgo zodiac is Mercury. Therefore, to get the blessings of the planet Mercury this year, you should take measures related to the planet Mercury. For this, feed green fodder or green vegetables to the cow. With this remedy, there will be prosperity in your life.


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