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What happens when you feed dogs?

According to astrology,  taking care of a black dog is considered good. It is said that black dogs have blessings of shani and ketu to make shani happy .

It is said  that black or white dog should be taken care  it will help in clearing obstacles in the path of success as well as benefit you and your family.

Dog helps in protecting us from negative vibes as they can sense the  negative situation .People who feed dogs gets protection from ancetral bodies.

Feeding black dog daily helps you in reducing your debt. It also helps in reducing your fear towards our enemies.

It is also believed that dog takes the disease of the person who is not well in the family.  It is also said that keeping a black dog in the house is a good sign for earning money as the goddess lakshami will be happy. It is also said that if a person does not get success in his life and he has dispute with other people then a brown colored dog will protect him. A black dog helps you in clearing all the planets obstacle and makes the person happy


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