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Tulsi Plant is one of the most auspicious plant. It is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. Keeping Tulsi plant in home makes the household never goes out of money. As per Sanatana dharma, we must have tulsi at our home and it’s our responsibility to worship it daily. Nothing in the world can appease lord Vishnu more than tulsi.

Tulsi is also worshipped as goddess of loyalty. Once there was a woman named Vrinda married to a low caste person named Jalandhar. Due to the sanctity of the Vrinda, Jalandhar became very powerful and remained undefeated by all persons on earth. One day, Lord Vishnu morphed himself into Jalandhar and slept with Vrinda by tricking her to believe that he is her husband. By doing so, the strength gained by Jalandhar due to purity of Vrinda vanished and he was killed by Lord Vishnu. Later Vrinda also burnt herself in her husband’s funeral pyre. Lord Vishnu got upset with his own doings and turned Vrinda into Tulsi plant, a type of basil, and thereby she became Goddess Tulsi.

Tulsi Plant purifies your mind and soul by bringing positive vibrations to the house.

Tulsi has many medicinal properties and used widely in majorly in Ayurveda for treating many diseases.

A person who worships Tulsi in month of Kartik attracts good fortune and prosperity.

Performing tulsi vivah is also good for receiving blessings of Narayana and Laxmi.

To gain positive results Tulsi should be plant in  North-east, north,east or in front of the house .

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