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Do these measures on the night of Deepawali, Maa Lakshmi will reside in the house.

The night of Diwali is the night to fill the darkness with light. On this day Mata Lakshmi comes to roam the earth. It is believed that that is why light is done on the earth on this day. Through special worship of Mata Lakshmi, happiness and prosperity are wished from her. Many measures can be taken to please Goddess Lakshmi on the night of Deepawali, which can make you garland throughout the year.

1. Go to the temple of Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flower, rose flower, sugarcane, lotus garland etc. on the day of Diwali and recite Shri Sukta, Lakshmi Sukta and Kanakdhara Stotra as much as possible. The paths of earning money will open. Tie lotus gatte in red cloth and keep it in the vault.

2. Those people whose shops, factories etc. are not running, take one quarter piece of alum, take it 81 times from the place of business and throw it in solitude in the north direction. No hitches while throwing.

3. On the night of Diwali, keep 11-11 betel nut, black turmeric, yellow turmeric, cowry (if possible Lakshmi cowry), gomti chakra and a single coconut by tying it in a red cloth. On the second day, keep this bundle in the safe or in the galley.

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4. If there is a problem in job-business, then after offering sweet water, some handful of gram lentils on Laxmiji, after offering it to the root of Peepal, speak about your problem. There will be success.

5. For wish fulfillment, pluck a leaf of banyan tree from Saffron, Gorochan, Kunku in the morning of Diwali and write your wish on it and throw it in running water. Do this for 7 consecutive days after the night of Diwali. Wish fulfillment will be certain.

6. On Deepawali, make a Harijan couple sit in their house and get food and give dakshina. There will be rain of money throughout the year.

7. On the day of Deepawali, after offering food to a beautiful beautiful woman and worshiping her, give honey, clothes, etc. and seek blessings.

8. After everyone has fallen asleep on the night of Deepawali, make a lamp out of cow dung (fresh) in the middle of the door. Fill mustard oil in it, add some pinch of sugar and light the lamp. Keep in mind that the wick of the lamp should be outside and after that no one should come out of the house.


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