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Get to know: Bhoomika Kalam, India's best Astrologer

Astrologers are many but when we asked a lot of them whom do they visit when

they want to find a solution, come out of any kind of sorrow. The majority took

the same name and that was Bhoomika Kalam. Just imagine she is the

Astrologer and Tarot reader of Bollywood celebrities, politicians and

businessmen from India. She is not only famous in India but also has marked

her footprints all around the world and she has a huge number of followers who

believe in her and her astrology.


There are a lot of people who have consulted her in the past and witnessed some

life-changing experiences. She has expanded her knowledge about Astrology,

Vedas, mantras, tantras from Shri Vidya Sadhak Shri Sakalanand Nath of Nath

Sampradaya. Later she formed Astro Bhoomika, The Luck changer. The name

speaks so that's for you if you really want to change your luck or want to know

how lucky you will be then you need to visit Astro Bhoomi.


Astro Bhoomi is one of the leading Astro Research centers that has changed the

lives of thousands. Bhoomika Kalam's Astrology episodes are telecasted in TV

channels too. She is proactive and a quick decision-maker as her solutions has

always helped people. her practices and the life-changing services they offer for the common people. There are a lot of success stories associated with Astro Bhoomi and that makes

it a Luck Changer.

Bhoomika kalam associates with lots of social awareness activities for farmers

and women. Under the platform of Astro Bhoomi, she gives remedies related to

 environment protection, plantation, education and so many social, and charity

 work for making a strong effect of related Grahas in particular horoscope.

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