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These Zodiac signs are going to align in a special way on Guru Purnima

On Guru Purnima, there is a special alignment of planets that will have an impact on different zodiac signs. Some zodiac signs will experience positive outcomes, while others may face unfavorable results. On July 3rd, Mercury, Sun, and Venus will be in the same sign. Let's find out which zodiac signs will have a stroke of luck:


Success will be achieved.

There will be progress in accumulating wealth.

The beginning of the new year will be favorable.

The fruits of hard work will be reaped.

Liberation from family issues will be experienced.

Good news may be received. This period will prove auspicious.

Success in the professional field is possible.

Support from family members will be received.

Opportunities for financial gains are emerging.


Pending tasks will be completed.

People searching for jobs will receive good news.

It is an excellent time for those working in government jobs.

Financial gains are likely to occur. Sweetness will be present in the speech.

Sudden financial profits are possible. Good outcomes will be obtained.

This period will bring financial gains.

The speech will be persuasive and influential.

This time is no less than a blessing for you.


The speech will be persuasive and influential.

Success will be achieved in all endeavors.

Appreciation for your work will be received at the workplace.

Financial gains are possible through investments.

The acquisition of property and vehicles is likely. Mercury's transit will be beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams.

Success in competitive exams is possible.

Married life will be happy.

An opportunity to spend life with a loved one will be obtained.

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vihang joshi
vihang joshi
28 oct 2023

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Me gusta
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