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Do this great remedy of Hanuman ji today, every wish will be fulfilled

, According to astrologers, to please Hanuman ji soon, offer Bajrangbali with saffron vermilion ghee on Tuesday.

, It is believed that by going to the temple on Tuesday and chanting the name of Ram, one gets the blessings of God and removes the coming trouble.

, If possible, keep a fast on Tuesday and feed the poor. By doing this, there is no shortage of money and food by the grace of Hanuman ji.

, To please Hanuman ji, offer Chola on Tuesday. On this day, the blessings of Bajrangbali are obtained by reciting Sunderkand.

, According to astrology, recite Ram Raksha Stotra on Tuesday. Offer jaggery and gram to Hanuman ji.

, It is said that on a Tuesday, wake up at Brahma Muhurta and write your wish on a leaf of a banyan tree with a red pen and offer it at the feet of Hanuman ji. With this all your wishes will be fulfilled.

, If you are looking for a job, then offer paan to Hanuman ji on Tuesday. This will give you success.

, Offer perfume of Kevada and garland of rose flowers to Hanuman ji to remove financial constraints and get money.

, If bad dreams occur in the night, then keep alum on the feet on Tuesday and after removing it from the feet, throw it in a quiet place.

, Sitting in front of Hanuman ji on Tuesday and chanting any one mantra of Shri Ram Chandra, all the wishes are fulfilled. Keep doing this remedy till the wish is not fulfilled.


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