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How to make Rahu happy know what are the remedies for Rahu's dasha

Remedies of Rahu's dasha

  • Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of drinking water. Drink water after filtering or boiling it. As long as it is affected by Rahu, the bacteria growing in the water can harm these people.

  • They should not eat stale food.

  • To avoid the ill effects of Rahu, one should take a very strict bath.

  • Sandalwood perfume should be applied, because Rahu is a snake and there is no effect of snake venom on sandalwood.

  • Keep nails of hands and feet cut, wash hands before eating.

  • Sandalwood soap and powder should be used, it pacifies Rahu.

  • Take effective steps to control mosquitoes and flies.

  • Feed bread or roti to stray dogs, keep trying even if you do not eat.

  • If you consume gutkha or tobacco etc., then stop immediately, because Rahu is also a cause of cancer.

Rahu Shanti Remedy

  • To pacify the anger of Rahu, Lord Shankar should be worshiped and the Sheshnag around his neck should also be specially worshiped.


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