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If a girl is getting married then it is also very beneficial to donate secret according,

to her ability and reverence.

1.This leads to early marriage and happy married life, but charity should never be discussed with anyone.

2- Offering water to the banyan tree, peepal, banana tree on Thursday removes the obstacle in marriage.

3- On Thursday, a marriageable girl should keep a lump of turmeric wrapped in a yellow cloth under the pillow.

If a boy or a girl offers water to the root of Peepal for 13 consecutive days, then the problems related to marriage go away.

The girl whose marriage is facing obstacles, she should sleep in the west direction of the house.

Unmarried boy/girl should not stay in such a room where unfinished work has been done i.e. the work of paint, repair etc. of the room is incomplete or the room in which the beam is seen hanging.

Many times it also happens that if a young man or girl is not ready for marriage, then keep the crystal ball in the glass plate towards the north of their room.

4- For marriageable young men and women who are not getting married, the color of their rooms, bedrooms and doors should be pink, light yellow or bright white. This will change the situation.

Apart from this, they should keep a water fountain in their room in the northeast direction.

5- Unmarried girls should fast on Thursday for early marriage. Also, sit under a banana tree and chant a rosary of the text of Jupiter Mantra.


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