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If Mars is situated in the first, fourth, seventh, twelfth house in the horoscope.

then the person has Mangli Yoga. Due to the presence of this yoga, there are problems like delay in marriage, differences in couples after marriage, disputes etc.

To avoid this, the mangali young man or girl should fast on Tuesday.

Chant Mangal Mantra and get married.

Due to the placement of Saturn in the seventh, there are problems in marriage.

For this, chant the mantra 'Sham Shanishcharaya Namah'.

Also, do havan with Shami wood, ghee, honey and sugar candy. funny tricks

To get a suitable groom, it is preferable to recite Balkand.

When the daughter's father goes to talk to the boys about marriage, the daughter should keep her hair open, until the father returns home.

Parents who think that their daughter-in-law is beautiful and intelligent, then they should cut their son's nails and burn them on the stove in the kitchen on Thursday and Sunday.

After the daughter is married, at the time of farewell, put Gangajal, a little turmeric and a coin in a lotus and throw it seven times over the daughter's head and throw it in front of her. His married life will be happy.


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