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Just do this easy work today only, the house will be filled with happiness and prosperity,

Mother Lakshmi will be happy....

Everyone has a desire to please Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and get her blessings. That's why people do worship, rituals etc. to please Maa Lakshmi. So that there is no shortage of anything in life by the grace of the goddess of wealth. Along with this, by the grace of Shukra Dev, one gets love-romance, beauty, attraction in life. To get all this, Friday measures should be taken, which fill life with happiness-prosperity, wealth-glory and love-fame.

Friday's surefire ways to get money

- The best way to get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi is to fast on this day. Worship Lakshmi ji in the evening by observing devotional fast for the whole day. Along with this, chant the special mantra of Shukra Dev 'Om Shun Shukray Namah' or 'Om Himkundamrunalaabhan Daityanaan Param Gurum Sarvashastra Pravaktaram Bhargavam Pranamayaham' at least 108 times. This will make both Maa Lakshmi and Shukra Dev happy.

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A clever way to get the ants out of the house

- Worship Maa Lakshmi with rituals on Friday night in auspicious time. Offer 5 pennies in worship. Worship them too. Leave the cowries at the feet of Maa Lakshmi even at night and after bathing the next day, pray to Maa Lakshmi to give money. Then tie these pennies in a red cloth and keep them in your vault or money place. Maa Lakshmi will surely shower her blessings and the inflow of money will increase rapidly in your home.

- If you want the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, then never keep your house dirty on Friday. Clean the whole house in the morning itself. Then light a lamp in Tulsi coat in the evening and after that light a lamp of cow's ghee at the main door of your house. Mother Lakshmi will be happy with this remedy and will reside in your house.

- Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday and offer white sweets like kheer, barfi of dry fruits etc. and then distribute these offerings to the girls. Also, take the prasad yourself. If you are not able to worship Goddess Lakshmi at home, then go to Lakshmi ji's temple and offer prasad.

- Donate white colored things like rice, milk, curd, flour and sugar candy on Friday. Apart from this, by feeding flour and sugar to ants and cows on Fridays, Lord Shukra becomes kind and bestows a lot of wealth and happiness.


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