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On this Karwa Chauth, wear colors according to your zodiac sign and make your relationship stronger

In Hinduism, Karwa Chauth has a greater significance for women. Karwa Chauth is traditionally known as Karak Chaturthi. According to Hindu Panchang, on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksh in the Kartik month (as per the Purnimant Calendar) or in Ashwin month (as per the Amavasyant Calendar), the Karwa Chauth fast is kept. This year, Krishna Paksh Chaturthi falls on Sunday, October 24. On this day, married women wake up before sunrise and, after eating Sargi, keep a Nirjala Vrat for the whole day. This fast is kept for the long and healthy life of the husband. In the night, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped, and women pray for a healthy, long, and illness-free life for their husbands. The women's fast is completed after seeing the moon according to some respective rituals. After five years, a special yog is on this Karwa Chauth. This time, pujan will be done in Rohini Nakstra, and because it is Sunday, women will be blessed by the Lord Sun too. Although this occasion is mainly for married women, unmarried women also celebrate it.

In Shastras, Karwa Chauth is termed as a fast of prosperity and wellness. Wearing colors according to your Zodiac sign on this day, makes your married life more prosperous.

  • Aries – Women born under this sign should wear golden color and perform pujan on this day.

  • Taurus – It will be auspicious for Taurus women to wear silver color.

  • Gemini – On Karwa Chauth, wear green color in the Pujan.

  • Cancer – Wearing red will bring you good fortune.

  • Leo – Women born under the sign of Leo should dress in red, orange, or gold.

  • Virgo – Wear red, green or golden color on this day.

  • Libra – Women born under the sign of Libra should dress in red, gold, or silver.

  • Scorpio – Red is considered very special for the women of Scorpio. And they can also wear Mehroon, or golden color.

  • Sagittarius – Wearing sky blue or yellow on this special occasion will be beneficial.

  • Capricorn – Capricorn women should wear blue or silver on this day.

  • Aquarius – The blue color is auspicious for the Aquarius sign.

  • Pieces – Women born under the Pieces Zodiac can wear yellow or golden clothing.

It is believed that wearing a color based on your Zodiac sign fulfils all your wishes and you receive blessings from the stars.


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