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You must have blamed the full moon for a fulminating mood, an insane night out, or even a night of especially vivid dreams, have you? If so, you’re not alone – people amid history have made relationships about how the moon affects our moods and behaviors. From Shakespeare’s Juliet deploring the “inconstant moon” to pop culture allusions to vampires and werewolves inspired to metamorphose by the changing of the moon, lunar cycles have long been linked to mood and behavior. In Shakespeare’s “Othello,” the maid Emilia tells Othello that the moon has drawn too close to the Earth — and driven men insane.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s astronomical fact that the moon is an important player in astrology. Moon has a powerful impact on our emotions, as it’s considered to be the planet of emotions, moods, and memories. Moon has a perceptible impact on plenty of substantial things on earth. The moon’s gravitational pull is strong enough to impact the ocean and earth’s axis. Moon can control the tides of the ocean; influence the stability of the earth’s rotation around the sun, and also affects the behavior and life cycle of many diverging animals. The moon and its cyclically changing phase have always been a prominent appearance in the night’s sky, so it makes sense that people would use the lunar cycle as a reflection point to observe human behavior. By tuning in to what is happening at the new and full moon and making time for the healing process, it can deeply be catalytic of our own growth. New moons are calm, composed, and reflective periods, and on the other side full moons can stir up all your emotions to the surface and amplify them. Kristen Rice of Raw & Ritual behavioral health coach and intuitive energy healer tells “Human beings have a deep and ancient connection to the moon, think of it as the changing des.” We should not blame the moon for what we feel, but thank it for bringing everything up to the surface, as it’s only when our feelings spring up that they can move out of us. When we honor the moon it reconciles us with the earth’s rhythm and our inborn cycles. It is easier to listen to our inner self when we are in sync with nature’s cycle. With each cycle, should pay attention to how we feel in our body. Each moon affects differently, depending on our astrological chart, as it lands in different zodiac signs.

In astrologist phrase, the moon is connected with the inner and emotional body, which tends to bring us fulfillment and joy. Moon is associated with feminine planet, intuitive and deep inner psyche from past. What we feel about ourselves, how we deal with our relationships, and respond to situations. Is reflected by the moon. It relates to our inner world, and deep patterns of thinking and feeling, embedded in the unconscious. Moon helps us to teach about intuition and introspection and has a strong connection to cycles of life. The moon illuminates night as well as our auric fields. One of the oldest ways of keeping time is following the moon. Celebrating the passing season with the moon can help us emotionally and mentally prepare for the season ahead. Whether it’s a new moon or full moon, moon ceremonies help us stay in sync with mother nature.

You may not turn into a vampire or werewolf under a full moon, but here are some weird ways the moon can affect your mood, according to experts.

1. New Moons Can Make Us Feel More Introspective

In accordance with astronomy, new moons are times of natural contemplation, amid which we’re inclined to recede into our emotions and reflect on our feelings. On the new moon day, the moon is not visible in the sky and there’s no light which denotes that the energy available to us is low. The new moon is a time to rest and recuperate and with the darkness bringing an element of silence and stillness. According to research, people feel tired and lethargic during the new moon and naturally crave turning inward. To make a new start, the new moon is the great time to ponder upon what you want in life and set aspirations to get it. . It is a time for internal reflection and planting seeds of intention for weeks to come. The seed is buried in the dark soil. Cosmic energy is naturally supportive of starting new things, as it marks the beginning of the fresh lunar cycle

2. Waxing Of The Lunar Cycle Can Make You Feel More Motivated

In astrology, there is a saying, that as the moon waxes or grows in the sky amid the first half of the cycle, it leads up to the full moon, and also there is an increase in energy and motivation. After relaxing recharging and reflecting on the new moon, we are ready to go forth with new light and added energy. People can intuitively start new projects, take action and refine during the waxing phase of the lunar cycle. There is a sense of renewal and possibility as the moon grows. We should pay attention to our energy and motivation level during the first fourteen days of the new moon. Manifestation and gratitude towards the universe in advance should be done for all the beautiful things coming your way.

3. Waning of The Lunar Cycle Can Lead to Crankiness and Challenging

In the study of the moon, the waning phase of the lunar cycle indicates redirection, adjustment, and flexibility. The plans made in the starting phase of the lunar cycle are being challenged and patience is being tested. Moon tends to show us signs to direct you to the best course of action. In this phase listen to your inner self and follow your wisdom. The energy and motivation level is low. Try and reconnect with the ones you have neglected during your high energy and high emotion phase. As the light fades, you may feel the need to cleanse, release, and let go.

4. Full Moons Can Make Us Feel More Anxious

In astrology, the moon in the full moon phase appears as a full gleaming circle when the sun, the moon, and the earth are in alignment. The full moon marks an energetic high point during which we can bring things in our life to a conclusion, climax, or release point. The moon is at its peak and its visibility is high, forming an intense opposition aspect with the sun during this phase which causes tension. Due to high intensity, it can make us feel emotional and anxious and also intensifies nightmares and dreams. The full moon is a time of reflection, and release. It is about how our energy is expressed in the world, and living in relationship to others. It is a time for releasing inhibitions to stepping out in the world, and noticing what is coming to fruition in your life. What is working? The full moon calls us to cultivate a cooperative dynamic with the world. It is time to receive support for what you are up to. Although creation may come from a seed you plant, it is brought to light through cooperative components. This is the phase where the seeds we’ve planted start to blossom in the light.

When you find yourself more grounded and centered, you’ll feel more aligned with your truth. By resting and recharging, you’ll be in the best frame of mind to be able to notice, understand and trust your natural instincts. This will help you in making big decisions, starting new projects, and ensuring you are on track with what you really want to be doing.

Author - Sonu Jain


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