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Marriage Horoscope: These remedies will remove the obstacles coming in marriage

According to Hindu astrology, due to any defect in the horoscope, there are obstacles in marriage, due to which there is a delay in marriage. If the boy and girl get married on time, then along with the parents, many of their worries end themselves. It is believed that it depends on our fate, who will get married when and with whom. According to astrology, the possible date of marriage can be told. If there is a delay in marriage, then from astrology, it can be found out from which planet it is happening due to obstruction.

Follow the steps given below to get married as soon as possible:

1. If marriage is being hindered by the Sun in the horoscope of a girl or a boy, then offer water to the Sun every morning while chanting the mantra "Om Suryay Namah".

2. If the marriage is being hindered due to Mars in the horoscope, then keep a square piece of silver with you. By taking this remedy, marriage will happen soon.

3. If marriage is being hindered by the Sun in the horoscope, then bury a square piece of copper in the ground. This will remove this problem and the marriage will happen soon.

4. If there is an obstacle in getting married due to Saturn in the horoscope, then on every Saturday, offer black sesame seeds to Shiva.

5. Rahu's obstacle will be removed if coconut is shed in the running water on Saturday.


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