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Monday Tips: Doing these remedies on Monday will fulfil your desires

Every aspect has its own importance in Astrology. Jyotish Shastra also gives importance to even the trivial things around us. We fail to notice them, but they impact our lives greatly. They play a significant role in our lives and also affect the way astrology works. In the Hindu religion, each day is dedicated to a certain God. Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. On this day, worshipping Lord Shiva with all your heart brings the blessings of Lord Shiva. Many people do fast on Monday. According to Jyotish Shastra, doing special upays on each day brings prosperity, happiness, and Ma Laksmi into your home. All your wishes will be fulfilled. It is believed that when you make Shivji happy, all your wishes come true.

On Monday, do pujan while facing this direction – According to astrology doing pujan while facing the north direction on Monday is very auspicious. On this day, the person who faces North and chants ‘ऊंनम: शिवाय’ (Om Nam Shivay) 11,21,51, or 108 times will make Lord Shiva happy and receive their blessings.

Do the abhishek of Shivji in the following way – People who are suffering from stress should do the abhishek of Lord Shiva on Monday. On this day, mix sugar in milk and do the abhishek of Shivling. It not only removes mental stress but also makes your brain sharper. It is believed that the devotee who does the abhishek of Lord Shiva by mixing sugar in milk will achieve great heights and become highly prosperous.

Abhishek with Panchmrat – The person who does the abhishek of Shiva with panchmrat becomes free of any illness. In addition, on Monday read “Daridrahan Shiv Strotra” (दारिद्रदहनशिवस्त्रोत’). This brings financial gains.

Shiv Tandava Stotra – On Monday, performing Shiv’s vidhivatpujan and reading “Shiv Tandava Stotra” (शिवतांडवस्त्रोत) removes any financial difficulties in the household.

In your kundali, weak Chandrma will also improve – According to Jyotish Shastra, reading Chandrashekara Strotra (चंद्रशेखरस्त्रोत) on Monday will improve Chandrama’s position in your kundali. Apart from that, you should read Ramayana’s “Ayodhya Kand” (‘अयोध्याकांड’) on Monday.


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