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The evil eye will be removed immediately after doing this remedies.

Whether you believe it or not when you see it, but when it is seen, then the moving work stops, the progress in career-business stops and the child laughing and playing is silent or always keeps on crying. The evil eye affects not only the common man but also on all the things related to your life. From food items to houses, vehicles, shops etc. everything starts getting affected in a jiffy. To avoid this evil eye, someone has torn shoes in front or behind of his vehicle and someone puts a blindfold in front of his house. Come, today we know about those surefire remedies which removes even the biggest eye defects in a pinch.

  1. To avoid eye defects, whenever you praise yourself or whom you love, say something only by touching the wood. In the West, people often follow this remedy to avoid eye defects.

  2. When you feel that a particular person has caught sight, then you can also make him look at your child's head by turning his hand.

  3. If you feel that the harmony of your house or else the house itself has been noticed by someone, then recite Sundarkand in the house and light incense-diya daily. By doing this remedy, positive energy is generated inside the house and evil forces are removed.

  4. If you feel that your child has lost sight and he is crying continuously or has become irritable, then take water and fresh flowers in a copper vessel and take it off the child's head 11 times. After this, put that water under a tree or in a pot. By doing this remedy, the eyesight defect will go away.

  5. If a child is seen, then as a traditional remedy, take salt, mustard seeds, yellow mustard, chilli, a piece of old broom and take it off the sighted person eight times and burn it in the fire. If the chilli does not appear on burning, then understand that he has lost his sight.


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