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These 9 Grah impact our lives greatly, do these remedies to save yourself from their negative impact

According to Astrology, Grahs play an important part in our lives. If any Grah Dosh is present in your Kundali then your troubles begin to increase. Your luck leaves your side. In this situation to end Grah Dosh some remedies are performed. Though for removing Grah Dosh analyzing Kundali is a necessary but Astrology also suggests some remedies that can be done without the need of analyzing Kundali. These remedies are easy to do and can be done by anyone. If the Sun, Moon, Mangal, Shani, Budh, Rahu and Ketu are not in a proper way in Kundali then problems start to surround you. If you are suffering from dosh of any of the above listed Grah and feeling their negative impact in your life then you should do the following remedies.

For Sun Dosh

• Offer water to the Sun in the morning daily. In water put some kumkum and red flowers for better result.

• Take care of your father, do their sewa and wear Manik Ratna.

For Moon Dosh

• On Purnima of every month, offer water to the Lord Moon.

• Donate white things like rice, sugar, milk etc, and along with that wear a silver ring with pearl, this will remove Moon Dosh.

For Rahu Dosh

• Make a silver pair of Naag-Nagin and drown it in the river or you can also offer it to the


• Worshipping Lord Shiva also remove Rahu Dosh.

For Ketu Dosh

• Black and white dog represents Ketu. For the removing Ketu Dosh, it will be beneficial to have a black and white dog at home as a pet. If you cannot keep dog as a pet then in that case feed a ladoo to a dog.

• Donating a black-white blanket to a needy person also remove Ketu Dosh.

For Shani Dosh

• Every Saturday do the puja of Lord Shani and offer oil to Shani Dev. Feed food to kushtarog suffering people and donate the necessities to them.

• Offer water to peepal every day and on every amavasiya tithi worship peepal tree and light oil lamp near it.

For Mangal Dosh

• On Tuesday, donating Masoor dal remove mangal dosh in kundali and you will start getting auspicious results.

• On Tuesday, arrange Bath pujan, this will reduce the negative impact of mangal.

For Budh Dosh

• Offer Druva grass to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

• Wear Panna Ratna in your finger.

For Guru Dosh

• Offer banana to Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

• Apply Kesar tilak or you can also mix kesar in bath water.

For Shukra Dosh

• For removing negative impact of this Grah, on every Friday worship Ma Laksmi.

• Wear Hira Ratna and chant Shukra’s mantra.


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