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Do these remedies before leaving the house, every work will be completed

It is believed that if some remedies are taken while leaving the house, then there is no problem in the journey and you go back happily and return with golden memories.

So let's know those 10 important remedies, which, if you complete before going on a trip, make your journey easy, pleasant and happy.

  • Before leaving the house, light 11 incense sticks and a lamp of pure ghee in the temple of the house. Also, do aarti of God by placing kunku, turmeric, abir, gulal, rice and flowers in the plate. Also, pray to God to keep the journey safe. After this, take off the black sesame on itself seven times and throw it in the north direction. This averts any kind of evil force.

  • Take note of the tone before leaving the house. First of all take out the same leg that is playing the tone.

  • Some words should never be uttered while leaving the house - such as shoe, sandal, wood, any type of abuse, lock, ravana, stone, no, die, drown, throw, leave, and any negative word.

  • Whenever you leave the house for the journey, definitely see Shubh Choghadiya.

  • When out on a journey, do not say derogatory things about any river, fire and wind. It is believed that these are three holy gifts of God, so they should never be made fun of.

  • While leaving the house, use the name of the Lord in unison or the holy mantras or incantations. Your journey will be auspicious.

  • Before leaving the house, place a kalash and a quarter of a rupee on a small heap of rice and perform aarti with incense sticks. Also, pray that there is no obstacle in the journey. After this, when he returns from the journey, he should offer money, rice and water to the Shiva temple.

  • Before leaving the house, feed the ants with flour, feed the birds with grain, feed the black dog with roti, and the cow soaked grain.

  • If possible, offer coconut in the temple closest to the house. Also, keep some money hidden somewhere in the temple instead of the donation box. It is considered to be a secret donation, it is a simple trick that is auspicious for the journey.

  • Keep pulses, rice, flour, sugar, fruits, flowers and sweets in a box. When you return after celebrating New Year's festival, donate it to any Pandit or poor.


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