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If you want success in the interview, then offer this fruit to Panchmukhi Hanuman ji and get job

In Hindu religious texts, Hanumanji i.e. Veer Banjargi has been given the status of God who removes every trouble. It is said in Hindu texts that by worshiping Hanumanji in Kali Yuga, people's troubles are removed and success is achieved in every work. In the Panchmukhi avatar of Hanumanji, the first face is that of a monkey, the second Garuda, the third Varaha, the fourth horse and the fifth Narasimha. It is said that these five forms remove all the troubles of the devotees.

Although you will find the idol of Hanuman ji in every temple, but in all these, the worship of Panchmukhi Hanuman is considered especially fruitful. It is believed that worshiping Panchmukhi Hanuman ji on Tuesday brings success in stalled and spoiled works and a person goes on the path of progress.

Even in Vastu Shastra, it is advised to keep the picture or idol of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji in the south-west corner of the house and it is said that this automatically removes the Vastu defects of the house and keeps the calamities away from the house.

Let us know what are the results of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji worship.

For success in interview

On Tuesday, Panchmukhi Hanuman ji gets benefit by offering pomegranate in fruits and saffron laddus in sweets and the chances of success in the interview increase.

To stop family disputes

If there is tension, estrangement and distress among the members of the house, then on Tuesday, sit in front of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji statue and recite Shri Ram Raksha Stotra. Due to this, the relations of the members in the family will be intimate and peace will remain in the family.

To win a court case

If you have an old court case going on or are caught in legal trouble, then on Tuesday, light a lamp of desi ghee in front of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji and recite Bajrang Baan. With this, there will be a possibility of getting rid of the hassles of the court.

To fix bad things

In spite of lakhs of efforts, if any work is deteriorating again and again, then offer Kalawa wrapped on top of a coconut in front of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji and also offer rice, vermilion and yellow flowers. Your bad work will be done. Offer this coconut to Panchmukhi Hanumanji. With this you can get success in everything.


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