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These Nine remedies will give wealth and prosperity by pleasing Maa Lakshmi

By the grace of Maa Lakshmi, one gets happiness, peace, prosperity, and wealth in life. But it is not possible to get all these happiness and auspiciousness. Therefore, if you also want that prosperity and blessings of Mother Lakshmi remain in your life, then Do these 9 remedies -

  • On getting up in the morning on Friday, after bowing to Maa Lakshmi, take a bath and wear clean white or pink clothes. After this, stand in front of the picture of Shri Yantra and Mother Lakshmi and recite Shri Sukta. If possible, offer lotus flower to Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Whenever you leave the house for any special work, before leaving, go out after eating some sweet curd.

  • If your work is getting obstructed, then pour sugar to the black ants on Friday.

  • On Friday, go to the temple of Goddess Lakshmi and offer conch shell, cowry, lotus, makhana, batasha. All these are very dear to Mahalakshmi Maa.

  • If there is tension between husband and wife, then put a picture of a loving bird couple in your bedroom on Friday.

  • For permanent happiness and prosperity in the house, by standing in the shade of Peepal tree, mixing water, sugar, ghee and milk in an iron vessel and pouring it into the root of the Peepal tree, there is happiness and prosperity in the house for a long time and Lakshmi resides. Is.

  • If there is frequent loss of money in the house, then after sprinkling gulal at the main door of the house, a double-faced lamp of pure ghee should be lit on the gulal. While lighting the lamp, one should wish in the mind that in future there should be no loss of money in the house. When the lamp cools down, it should be immersed in running water.

  • If you want to get property and children, then worship Maa Gajalakshmi. This will also lead to the attainment of children and property will also increase.

  • Do not disrespect or allow food to be disrespected anywhere in the house or outside. Those who throw a plate decorated with food in anger, they never have wealth, splendor and happiness in their house.


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