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Talk with Bhoomika Kalam: Enlighten the knowledge on Astrology

Bhoomika Kalam is considered to be one of the finest Astro analyst, Tarot

card reader from India. She is a great astrologer who has proven her skills and

proficiency in the fields of tarot card reading, palmistry, Vastu Consultancy

and a lot more. She is a science and journalism graduate who started off with

showing interest in the field of astrology from the age of 20 through

meditation. She continued pursuing her interest together with her profession

which was journalism. She has worked for renowned newspapers named

Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika. It's really a commendable job being a

woman and carrying along with such an interest in astrology. But this has

never been a roadblock as she was determined and focused about what she has

to achieve and spread among people and that is happiness and peace.

Throughout her journey being an astrologer, she has come in contact with

serious issues which is related to health, wealth, career, job, marital issues and

was able to solve it. This factor has called out many well-known faces from

Bollywood, politicians, bureaucrats around the world to seek her support and

blessing in solving out their problems. This indeed is a great blessing for

people who come to her.

She established AstroBhoomi which is notable for conducting seminars on Knowing the essence of Astrology and the roots of it. This initiative has

helped several people to brush up their knowledge and learn about Vedas, Puranas, Tantras, getting into meditation and so on. AstroBhoomi has a website which gives a gist of what services they provide and the need for following the concepts of tantras, performing meditation and the essence of Astrology. In platform of AstroBhoomi she is conducting intense research work for all form of astrology in the world. Where people can find their own remedies to being sensitive enough by doing meditation in day to day life. She suggesting perfect and practical remedies for individuals that can cos of in form of social

work. For welfare of Indian farmers AstroBhoomi perform social incentive programs for health, organic farming and environment too. Bhoomika’s research based on Karma can change your destiny and one should do karma

very sensitively and that’s the key of luck.


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