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Today's lunar eclipse is auspicious for these zodiac signs: The doors of the temples of Indore.

The last lunar eclipse of the year 2022 will be on Tuesday. This day is Kartik Purnima. This lunar eclipse will be visible in many parts of India including Australia, North-South America and Eastern Europe. The doors of the temples of Indore will also remain closed due to the lunar eclipse. Devotees will not be able to have darshan of God due to the closure of the doors. But after the purification of the temple on the lunar eclipse, the doors of the temple will open. Only after that the devotees will be able to have darshan.

Sutak starts about 9 hours before the lunar eclipse, which has started from 6.45 in the morning. It will remain till 6.19 pm in the evening. This lunar eclipse will have both bad and good effects on all the 12 zodiac signs. According to astrologers, there will be good effect of eclipse on 4 zodiac signs and bad effect on 8 zodiac signs.

The incidents of robbery, theft and fire will increase due to lunar eclipse. The disease outbreak will increase in Rabi crops during the winter season. The tussle between politicians will increase. At the time of eclipse, the formation of sama-saptak yoga of Moon and Rahu with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ketu can result in loss of public and wealth due to natural wrath. The metal and rasa substances will accelerate.

This is the time of lunar eclipse

Astrologer Dr. Pt. Manish Sharma told that the touch of the lunar eclipse will happen at 2:39 pm, the middle of the eclipse will be at 4:29 pm and the salvation period of the eclipse will be at 6.19 pm after the moonrise. Due to the different timing of moonrise at different places, eclipse will start at sunset or moonrise time at all places, but the end time of eclipse will remain the same i.e. 6.19 minutes.

Inauspicious will be fruitful for them

According to Dr. Pt. Sharma, when this lunar eclipse is afflicted, four hours before the eclipse, that is, the eclipse will start from sunrise in the morning. At the beginning of this Sutak, the believers should keep on contemplating the mental deity, renouncing food, sleeping and worldly pleasures. One should worship their respective deity during the festival. This eclipse will happen in Bharani Nakshatra and Aries. Therefore, those who have Bharani Nakshatra and Aries zodiac sign will be inauspicious for them. Due to being in Bharani Nakshatra, there will be a boom in white clothes, cotton, cotton and gold, due to Tuesday, there will be a boom in rye, fenugreek, betel nut, linseed and wheat.

The doors of the temples will remain closed, will open in the evening after purification

According to Pt. Sharma, the doors of the temples will be closed during the Sutak period. The doors of the temples will be opened only after the lunar eclipse is over. Bhajan Kirtan should be done during Sutak period and eclipse period. According to the beliefs, on the day of the eclipse, they are accepted only by adding basil leaves to the food items. Whatever donation is given during the eclipse, the donation is considered as nectar.

Pt. Satpal Maharaj, the priest of Khajrana Ganesh temple told that the doors of the temple will be closed from morning itself and the doors will be opened at around 6.30 pm. Pt. Dipesh Vyas, the priest of Ranjit Hanuman temple, told that due to the lunar eclipse, the doors of the temple will be closed from morning itself. In the evening after the end of the lunar eclipse, purification will be done in the temple. All the idols present in its temple will be bathed and new clothes will be worn. Aarti of Ranjit Hanuman ji will be performed.

Such a coincidence of lunar eclipse is becoming a very inauspicious, destructive yoga.

According to astrologers, this lunar eclipse will take place in Aries and will be visible in India including Rajasthan. From the point of view of astrology, this lunar eclipse is being considered very special. The commanders of the planets Mars, Saturn, Sun and Rahu will be face to face. In such a situation, in the horoscope of India year, the conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus is being formed on Libra. Apart from this, the conjunction of Mars on the fifth house in Saturn Aquarius and the ninth house in Gemini is making a disastrous yoga.

Such a coincidence of lunar eclipse is considered very inauspicious. At the same time, Shadashtak Yoga, Neechraj Bhang and Preeti Yoga are also being formed due to Shani and Mars being face to face. In such a situation, people are being advised to be very careful during the lunar eclipse. Major planets like Mars and Jupiter will remain in retrograde state at the time of lunar eclipse. In astrology, the retrograde motion of a planet means its reverse movement.

Do not do this work during lunar eclipse

Certain mistakes should be avoided during the lunar eclipse and its sutak period. Worship of God is prohibited in this. One should not touch the idols of God during the eclipse or Sutak period. Tulsi leaves should not be broken. It is also forbidden to eat or sleep during the eclipse period. Pregnant women have to take special precautions during lunar eclipse. It should also not be used for cutting, peeling or sewing. The use of sharp or sharp tools is also prohibited.

By donating this, auspicious results will be obtained.

According to Dr. Pt. Manish Sharma, donating red cloth, copper vessels, lentils, wheat, red fruits, rice, white clothes etc. is considered very good after the eclipse. According to Vedic civilization, donating these things after the eclipse removes all the defects of the planets present in the horoscope and gives auspicious results.

Manega Deepotsav in Venkatesh Temple

Dev Deepawali Deepotsav will be celebrated on the festival of Kartik Purnima on Tuesday at Shri Lakshmi Venkatesh Devasthan Chhatribagh. This festival will be celebrated in the Mangalasan of Nagoria Peethadheeshwar Swami Shri Vishnuprapannacharya Maharaj. This day of Dev Deepawali has great significance. A large number of devotees come to the temple to donate lamps in the temple. Pankaj Totla of the temple told that after the eclipse ends due to lunar eclipse on Tuesday, the entire temple complex will be watered.


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