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Top 4 Astrological Upay: do this upay, on this Vijay Dashmi Dussehra

We all are humans. Committing mistakes is natural for us, no matter if we have done it intentionally or unintentionally. There are numerous occasions when we make a mistake and are unable to properly atone to it. So, if you have made a mistake, whether knowing or unknowing, and are suffering from guilt and don't know how to atone to it, do not worry. Astrology has some helpful upay to get you rid of your mistakes. They are very simple and easy to do. Do this simple upay this Dussehra and see the changes for yourself.

  • If you have made any mistake or sin, then to get free of it, on Dussehra sit in front of Maa Kali’s idol and pray to the Goddess. After that, put till and oil in 11 deepak and light them in front of the Goddess. Pray and ask for forgiveness from Maa Kali. It is believed that by doing this, one can be blessed by Maa Kali and can also receive forgiveness for the mistake.

  • If because of a mistake, tension is increasing day by day in your life, then on the evening of Dussehra, make four atta’s deepak and light them under the Shami tree. While doing this upay, make sure nobody approaches you and do not look back while lighting the deepak. It is believed that by doing this, one gets the blessings of God, and any mistake committed is forgiven, and prosperity also comes in life.

  • If you are confused about a mistake and even after atoning to it, your guilt is not reduced, then do this on Dussehra. After Vijay Dashmi’s Puja, bring anyone plant to your home. Sow it in your garden or in a pot and take good care of it. And along with that, share your sufferings and problems with that plant. It is believed that by doing this, any guilt is being reduced and, along with the growth of the plant, happiness and prosperity also grow in your life.

  • If your mistake is causing you guilt and nightmares, then on Dusshera, by remembering Maa Kali and offer black till to the Goddess and ask for blessings and forgiveness for your mistakes. By doing this, your guilt will be reduced and you will not get nightmares.

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What about a remedy for a son who ran away from hostel on Divali at the wee hours. Its past 10 years as of now, no call, information, courtesies, nor any pleasenties. Probably it could be a Vashikarna case. Done all sorts of poojas. Japs, no response, now sick of remedies, as they are not giving any results. When they give no results, what is the point of doing remedies?

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