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Why the 'meeting' of Venus Guru in the sky was considered unique

Recently, the position of the planets in the Solar System was made such that Venus and Jupiter were seen coming closer to the Earth and then started getting away. Such a combination, conjunction or conjunction of these two planets will now be seen only in the year 2039, because this time these planets appeared very close. In this situation, the Guru had created a corona behind Venus, as the Sun becomes behind the Moon at the time of a solar eclipse.

Last Sunday was special for the stargazers. On this day people saw Venus and Jupiter conjunction, the brightest planets of the Solar System. This sight was very important for astronomers and many people even captured it with their telescopic camera. The interesting thing is that both the planets are millions of kilometers away from each other, both are in different directions of the earth i.e. one near the sun and one far away from the sun. Still, it was a strange sight to see both of them meeting each other.

The two can never collide

In the solar system, where Venus is the second planet in terms of distance to the Sun, then Jupiter is the fifth planet. Earth's place comes third. In such a situation, both the planets can never come close, colliding with each other is a distant thing. But while revolving around the Sun, such a situation is definitely created that both the planets appear to come near each other when the Jupiter planet comes just behind Venus.

What really happens

In such a situation, it is visible from the earth that both the planets collide with each other, whereas in reality the planet Jupiter comes behind Venus and it seems that both the planets are meeting. Although both the planets are seen meeting each other every year, but the special thing of this year was that both of them appeared very close to each other which does not happen every year.

Now after 17 years such a sight will be seen

The event that both the planets come so close in this way will now happen next time only in the year 2039. This event could be seen with the naked eye with the help of a distant bean or without any equipment and, moreover, Venus and Jupiter being the bright planets of both the planets makes this event more thrilling.

What is this 'Milan'

The conjunction of planets, which is called Planetary conjunction in English and Yuti in the language of astrology, occurs when two planets appear to come near each other and even appear to be touching each other or appear to meet. On this Saturday night and Sunday also, Venus and Jupiter were slowly seen coming closer to each other in many countries of the world. Whereas in reality both are very far from each other.

What is the difference between the two planets

The distance between the orbits of Jupiter and Venus is 43 million miles. But while circling the Sun, there comes a time when both of them are in the same direction from the Earth and are in the same line, then it seems from the Earth that both the planets are meeting. Where the diameter of Venus is only 12 thousand kilometers, the diameter of the planet Jupiter is only 143 thousand kilometers.

And the brightness of both

There is also a difference in the brightness of both the planets. Venus is brighter than Jupiter, where the brightness of Venus looks dazzling, while the planet Jupiter appears a little less bright. The brightness of the planet Jupiter is as much as one-sixth the brightness of the planet Venus. On the other hand, if the amount of brightness is seen, then the amount of brightness of Venus is -4.1 and the amount of brightness of Jupiter is -2.1 only.

On this Saturday and Sunday, when the planet Jupiter came close behind Venus in different parts of the world, this event was similar to the arrival of a large but faint body behind a small bright body. That's why when people saw this event, it looked like corona-like halos around Venus, which was actually a faint glow of the planet Jupiter. Such a sight is not usually seen.


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