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Want to do love marriage? then know the astrological remedy

Want to do love marriage? then know the astrological remedy

If you are trying to take your love life to the end of marriage, then these astrological remedies can help you. In love marriage sometimes the parents of the girl and sometimes the family of the boy are not ready for the marriage and then the society comes in between and creates hurdles. Sometimes due to caste and sometimes in the name of richness-poverty and dignity, marriage is not approved. Though times have changed a lot these days, but some kind of hindrance keeps coming in the way of love marriage.

Today, we are going to tell you some such remedies, if you try them from today, you will get rid of all the problems one by one. For the success of love marriage, wear diamond or opal stone and keep fast on 16 Mondays.

These gems help you to bring love to marriage and by fasting on Monday, you get the blessings of Lord Shankar, due to which there is no problem in marriage. Along with this, chant a rosary of the mantra 'O Gauri Shankar Ardhaginni Yatha Twam Shankar Priya and Mam Kuru Kalyani Kanta Kanta Sudurlabham' every day.

Yoga of love marriage will be made in the horoscope

Fifth lord and seventh lord are the place of marriage in the horoscope. The lord of the fifth house is Moon and the lord of the seventh house is the seventh house. When this yoga is formed then love marriage takes place. For this, you should wear pearls to please the lord of the fifth house, Chandra. By doing this, love marriage will be formed in the horoscope and your wish will be fulfilled.

There is a hindrance in love marriage even more than this.

Due to Mangal Dosha, there is a hindrance in love marriage. If there is any Manglik from both, then get rid of Mangal Dosha immediately, otherwise you have to face problems later. Kumbh Vivah and Vat Vivah are considered important in astrology to remove Mangal Dosha.

Girls should do this remedy for love marriage

Girls should wear green bangles in their hands and worship Lakshmi Narayan by wearing yellow clothes on Thursday and convey their wishes to God. Along with this, chant the mantra 'Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah' with the garland of rhinestones, then offer Prasad. By doing this, the chances of love marriage start forming at an interval of 6 months.

Lord Ganesha will be pleased with this remedy

According to astrology, on the first Wednesday of the Shukla Paksha of any month, worship Lord Ganesha and offer Doob grass, yellow laddoos, vermilion and roli etc. to him. Do not consume salt on this day. With the grace of Lord Ganesha, marriage is possible and parents get ready for your marriage.


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