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Do not make the mistake of making roti out of stale flour, it is closely related to Rahu.

The kitchen is such a place in the house that it is very important to remain pure. Because food is cooked here. If there is any defect here, then it affects the whole family along with the cook. Our elders keep informing us about many religious traditions. You must have often heard saying to your elders that rotis should never be made by counting. It is also forbidden to make roti out of stale flour. According to the scriptures, this should not be done because it has a bad effect on life. Making bread is also related to planets. Let us know what is the rule regarding making bread in the scriptures.

Don't make bread (roti) by counting

Due to the increasing trend of nuclear family, people often make bread by counting. According to the scriptures, this method is wrong. This can disturb the happiness and peace of the house, prosperity does not come. There can be a bad effect on the health of family members.

stale bread (baasi roti)

When we make rotis after counting, then keep the rest of the dough in the fridge. To do so is inauspicious. Because roti is related to Sun and Mars. While fresh roti gives us energy, stale roti gives negativity. Stale flour is believed to be related to Rahu. Rahu does not allow the mental state to remain balanced. There are troubles in the house.

Make bread for them too

While preparing food, not only the family, but also the cow and dog's bread should be made daily. Make the first roti of the cow, only after that the family members should eat it. Feeding roti to the cow removes Pitradosh. While feeding roti to a dog removes the fear of enmity.

Take out roti for the guests

Even today, 4-5 rotis are kept in a joint family at many places. Making roti for the guests whether they come or not shows the blessings. In such a house, the stores of money and grains are full. The grace of Mother Annapurna is also there.


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