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If this mistake happens in your house too then Lakshmi will never come

Vastu is generally considered to be the science of directions. Doing the right deeds in the right direction changes the direction of a person. On the other hand, doing work on the contrary increases misfortune. Kitchen has an important place in Vastu Shastra. Bhoomika Kalam is telling that a mistake made in the kitchen can become the cause of your poverty.

According to Vastu, God resides in purity. The litter kept in the house especially brings a negativity. That is why it is said that even dirty utensils can become the cause of poverty.

According to Vastu, the kitchen is one of the main parts of the house and most of the Vastu defects occur in the kitchen because most of the elements are found there. Water, fire, air all these elements are found in the kitchen.

There are some parts of food in the dirty utensils kept in the kitchen which are considered as the source of the earth. Many people consider the kitchen to be so sacred that they even build a temple near it, which is wrong.

Some people keep dirty utensils in the kitchen at night and wash it in the morning. The dirty utensils lying in the night also have an effect on the house and the members of the household. This can also become the reason for your poverty.

According to Vastu Shastra, if a person is unable to wash the dirty utensils, then he also faces many obstacles in his success. Clean utensils kept in the kitchen are considered very important in Vastu Shastra.


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