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Tarot card: a western way to predict the future

As we all know, predictions have a lot of importance in India. India is an ancient country. It is called Dev Bhoomi or the land of Gods. Because these gods took birth for a long time. Predicting is not an easy task. Prediction requires a lot of knowledge, cognition and attitude, divine vision is needed. One cannot predict like this.

Prediction Some of the events that will happen in our coming tomorrow are an estimate of what can happen.

There may be a new turning point in your life or some person may enter your life or there may be some monetary gain or there may be a loss of money or related to any subject - can be predicted. Now it was that what is the meaning of prophecy. Do you need to know how does prophecy happen? You need to know how it happens, what are the reasons, what are the circumstances, who does it, how it does it.

So, usually in India, a pundit is called or goes to a pundit to get predictions, a sage is asked and nowadays we see that some people are sitting on the road with their frills. and say that we will tell you the future.

So the future in India is told by looking at the lines of the hand. It is predicted that what is going to happen to us in the future. Some pundit or any sage sometimes predicts even by looking at your face. A pundit also tells the future by looking at your skull. So everyone has different ways of making predictions. Well, in India, I have already told you how to predict predictions in India, how to predict.

Now it is a matter of how we predict outside India, then we talk about the western world. So the western part of the world is where an instrument called tarot cards are used. He is prophesied. So it is also not a normal thing to tell someone's future by looking at any card. Tarot card.

Tarot card in the beginning. It was only a means of entertainment. And people used to ask about their future just for entertainment and were just told that this is going to happen or it is going to happen. Slowly rising from entertainment, it became a profession. And gradually moving out of Italy, it took a good foothold in England, France till the 18th century.

The thing is, how the future is told by tarot cards, then the person who is the first tarot card reader tells the person that you raise any question in your mind and you will get the answer only in yes and no. So what happens first is that the tarot card reader shuffles whatever 78 cards are in his hand and then spreads them out in front of the person. And tells the native to pick up one of these leaves and give it to me. Now in those leaves, different shapes, different pictures, different scenes are made or printed in each leaf. The tarot card reader looks at whatever picture is engraved on that card, makes a prediction and gives a yes or no answer. Like suppose nowadays, the question is whether my job will be done or not, then the tarot card reader in front will shuffle the tarot cards, we will lift them and then after looking at that picture, they will answer yes or no. Will give When Tarot Card Reader once predicts one person, then the next one tells the future only after 2 hours. But in Indian culture, this does not happen, we can make predictions one after the other or ask.


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