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Dev Mala

Dev Mala



  • Astrobhoomi Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified and Authentic
  • Add-On Facilities:
    A loop on both sides and black thread for easy wear, Lab Certificate
    • The Dev Mala is a divine and highly auspicious mala that possesses extraordinary magical properties. It combines the power of 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudrakshas, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, and Ganesh Rudraksha. Each individual Rudraksha holds its own unique power, influence, and effects on one's life. When strung together, they create a harmonious synergy of divine energy, bringing profound transformation and blessings.
    • According to ancient epics, wearing all 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudrakshas is considered highly auspicious for those who aspire for success and ambition in life. This potent combination is believed to grant the wearer the ability to achieve their dreams and desires. The Dev Mala is renowned as the most powerful healing mala, and it is said that wearing Rudraksha beads from 1 to 14 Mukhi can bestow the presence of Lord Shiva upon the wearer.
    • The Dev Mala can be worn as a sacred adornment, kept on an altar for worship, or carried in a pouch for personal proximity. It encompasses Rudraksha beads representing all the planets and various deities, making it a comprehensive and powerful tool. Testimonials from wearers over the years have consistently affirmed the transformative and empowering nature of this mala.
    • By wearing the Dev Mala, one can attain material success in this life and salvation in the afterlife. It possesses the remarkable ability to fulfill a wide range of wishes, including success, love, wealth, fame, beauty, charm, growth, health, and spiritual liberation. The wearer of this mala is believed to have no limits or boundaries when it comes to manifesting their desires.
    • The Mala has gained significant popularity in the occult world due to its life-changing effects. It is highly recommended for individuals engaged in occult practices. Its powerful energy and spiritual vibrations make it a valuable asset for anyone seeking profound growth, transformation, and fulfillment.
    • Embrace the extraordinary powers of the Dev Mala and embark on a journey of abundance, success, and spiritual awakening. Experience the limitless possibilities that await you with this divine mala by your side.

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