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Vaastu: Keep these things in mind before choosing a place for home

Home is a place where a person wants to live a happy life by leaving his workplace and external problems of life. It is the dream of every person to build his own house and live there peacefully and happily. But many times after a lot of hard work, a person builds his own house, spends a lot on decorating it, enhancing beauty and amenities, but despite this, he is not able to experience peace in his house. This question comes again and again in his mind that where did he go wrong. Regarding this problem, astrologer and motivational speaker Bhoomika Kalam, founder of the Astrobhoomi platform, says that as much care is taken of Vaastu while building a house, whenever you are buying a house or If you are building a house, then it is very important to see that the house is not a place where the road is ending or the place feels deserted.

Bhoomika Kalam tells that the Vaastu of the house has an effect on every member living in the house. May the house be full of wealth. May there be happiness and peace and love always remains in the family. For this, some easy remedies have been given in Vaastu which can be adopted. If you want to build a house, then keep in mind that the house should never be built at a crossroads, a deserted place. Before constructing the house, Bhoomi Pujan must be done. The house should not be built on the last plot of the street or road where it ends. Old wood, bricks should not be used while building a house. Always keep the space in the middle of the house empty. No room in the house should be oblique. There should not be a temple under the stairs. On the main door of the house, write Shubh on the right side and Labh on the left with Roli. On the top of the door, make a shape of with the roll. Make a swastika. Never keep junk stuffed on the roof, balcony of the house. Never leave things unattended in the house. Put a bouquet of flowers in the meeting. There should be no toilet as soon as you enter the house. To maintain the flow of positive energy, burn camphor daily in the morning and evening by dipping it in desi ghee. To remove negative energies from the house, light scented incense sticks, incense sticks in the rooms. Light a lamp at the main entrance of the house in the evening. While worshiping God in the morning and evening, ring the bell for some time. Ringing the temple bell removes negative energy. By doing these measures, the flow of positive energy will remain in the house, negative energy will decrease. Due to which there will be progress in the health and career of the people living in the house and an atmosphere of peace and harmony will be created.


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