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5 signs that will tell you Vaastu defect in your home/office or not?

Vastu energy is a most subtle energy, which has a deep and far-reaching effect on our lives. If this energy is available around you in the right quantity and a right direction, then it has a positive effect in your life. We cannot see this infinite energy directly but it can be felt.

This energy is more subtle than ultrasound and microwave waves. The effect is late but it gets deeper. However, when this energy is not in the right direction, then we have to bear its consequences too.

In this article, we'll tell you how Vaastu affects our lives and what are the signs and symptoms of having Vaastu defects in home or office?

1. Lack of freshness

You take enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours every night and your routine is also good. Despite this, you do not feel yourself energetic. When you wake up in the morning, you feel tired and weak and You don't feel like doing any work. Even drinking tea or coffee does not give a feeling of freshness, so it may be due to Vaastu Dosh.

2. Not getting out of the comfort zone

Many times we have become so used to our comfort zone that we cannot get out of it. In the current business or business, we are not able to muster the courage to leave it even after suffering continuous loss or there is no future in it. Even if there is a bitter relationship with someone in personal or public life, they are not able to come out of that relationship. In this situation, we lack the energy and motivation to do something new in life. We are not able to take hard decisions.

3. Progress stalls

Many people are focussed in their work and do the work on time with full sincerity and perfection, but in the office, the boss never gets appreciation for that work, does not get promotion. When we do business, there is no progress even if everything is in the right direction. Every time good opportunities get lost in job or business and such people are always left behind. Sometimes this happens due to Vaastu defects.

4.Lack of financial stability

Have a good job or good business. There is a good income every month. Any important work of the family does not stop. Life is going well, but there is no money left. No big work gets done. There is no investment for the future. Every month something happens that ruins all the financial plans. Sometimes this also happens due to Vaastu defects.

5. Being unwell for no reason

Some people are constantly sick for no reason. Even minor ailments bother them. The doctor neither prescribes any disease nor is able to suggest any treatment. In such a situation, the body and the mind-brain all remain extinguished. They lack energy and enthusiasm. He cannot live life freely. On many occasions these are symptoms of some serious Vastu defect.


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