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According to Vastu, which things can become a obstacle in success

There will be obstacles in success and progress if there is no Vastu defect or Vastu-compliant arrangement in the building, some of the important aspects of Vastu Shastra are mentioned in this way, which hinders success, special care should be taken -

  • First of all, see the sewer and tap lines of the residence or business place to see if there is any leakage at any place, if so, get it repaired immediately, if it is not rectified then there will be an increase in wasteful expenses, the ratio of income Expenses will increase.

  • If there is a toilet in the Northeast, then it will directly hinder your progress, as well as having any kind of dirt or any heavy items in the Northeast will have to face problems.

  • If there is a staircase in the north-east, there will be an increase in debt, if there is any heavy goods in the north direction, it will affect the financial situation, care should be taken.

  • There should not be three doors in a straight line in any building, there will be trouble in accumulation of money, there will be problem in collection of money even if there is a pit or low in the southeast angle.

  • Special care should be taken that if there is heavy stuff in the west angle, it will invite continuous obstacles in progress.

  • Dirt or boring or pit in Brahma place, if there is a swimming pool, it will give failure in business, after a few days, a situation of loss should be avoided.

  • Do not do any water work or collect waste or waste material in the igneous angle, it will give negative effect.

Vastu Diagnosis -

  • Keep this in mind in the business place, make the office in such a place where your eyes are on all the employees as well as keep an eye on the main door, the office remains best in the south or southeast angle, stability is achieved, the situation of deception is avoided.

  • Keep the main door clean and well furnished as well as keeping a three legged frog with auspicious coin in its mouth in the west angle, the picture of a mountain on the south wall of the office, the picture of a running horse provides dynamism and energy. .

According to the above Vastu, renounce the hindrance to success and make arrangements according to Vastu and make life happy by adopting it, life will be inhabited by happiness, prosperity, progress and positive energy.


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