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Vastu Tips: Keep these 4 plants in your home for happiness and wealth

According to astrology, plants also play an important role in a person's life. Plants not only give oxygen or purify the air but also bring good fortune and luck. Having the right type of plant in your home is necessary for a stable and happy environment at home. Not only that, they can also help you with your financial situation. Vastu (Vastu) provides that keeping these 4 plants in your home maintains happiness in your family and gets you rid of debts.

If you have plants in your home, then keep these 4 plants for stability and happiness in your family and to improve your financial condition.

Tulsi Plant

There is a great significance to Tulsi in Hinduism. Tulsi is worshipped and its leaves are used on many occasions. And according to astrology, there are numerous benefits to keeping Tulsi at home. Tulsi keeps all the negative energies away from home and ensures Goddess Laxmi's blessings. It should be kept in the North or East direction, and in the evening, a deepak should be lit near it.

Money plant

It is considered auspicious to keep a money plant at home. It is believed that the greener the plant is, the better it is for the home. Keeping it will get you rid of your financial problems. And also, along with it, you will get rid of your debts too. But keep this in mind, to place it in the South-East direction of your home.

Bamboo Plant

According to Astrology, keeping a bamboo plant is also considered auspicious. It is believed that it keeps bad luck and negativity away. And also increases wealth and prosperity.

Shami Plant

According to Astrology, keeping a Shami Plant in your home rids you of debts. The Shami Plant is beloved by Lord Shani. This plant keeps illness away from home and your family.

Try keeping these plants at your home and see the changes yourself. Good Luck!


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